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  • Australia’s best: Bass fishing

    Australia has been known worldwide to be gifted with beautiful wonders of nature, specially their breathtaking marine biodiversity which makes it very ideal for all sorts of rec

  • Why Go Fishing? Your Questions Answered

    Fishing may just seem to be an ordinary hobby for non-fishers. However, for enthusiasts, there seems to be plenty of reasons why they love it. Let’s find out what led these pe

  • 7 Christmas Gifts Fishermen Would Surely Love

    Are you still bothered, thinking about the perfect gift for your husband, brother or special someone slash fisherman? Not to worry, for we’ve searched far and wide – not to

  • Getting Started with Tying Fishing Knots

    Fishing knots help in tying your line to the hook, tackle and lure. Such knots were tried and tested well to ensure strength and ease. As you come up with some, learn first thei

  • World Fisheries Day: Moving towards Responsible Fishing

    November 21 marks a special day for the fisheries industry worldwide. As fisherfolk communities unite to preserve fisheries, the call for responsible fishing still goes on.

  • Barramundi: Angler’s Dream, Forbidden Love Fish

    Truly an angler’s dream catch, the barramundi, also known as “large-scale silver fish”, serves as a great target most especially for those in Northern Australia. Leaping w

  • Fly fishing in NZ: Exciting adventure of a lifetime for anglers

    Fly fishing in New Zealand could just be the adventure you’ve long been waiting for. However, as you aim for such style of sight fishing, you’d be better be aware of the ch

  • Setting up Downriggers for Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing

    Throughout the years, anglers have tried lots of ways in deploying baits – where the catch really is. Saltwater anglers have been using downriggers for quite some time already

  • Marine Parks Start Fishing Bans

    South Australia has started with its new initiatives on marine conservation by restricting fishing in marine park sanctuary zones starting October 1. Ian Hunter, Minister for Su

  • 9 Must-See Australian Fishing Destinations

    Having the third largest fishing zone in the world, Australia has a lot to offer to fishing enthusiasts. Its northern tropical and southern temperate zones make way for a divers

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